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Choo’s Food Corner: Village Mai Tai

GREATEST Mai Tai you ever had

Major Rail Union Rejects Biden-Backed Deal, Reigniting Strike Fears

forcing both sides back to the bargaining table and raising the specter of a potentially devestating strike next month.

Choo’s Food Corner: Choo’s Air Fryer Rice, Chicken, Vegetable Cheese Dish

I am always experimenting in my kitchen LOL I just kinda came up with this dinner that I love cooking at least twice a month and I change it up sometimes and add mushrooms and other vegetables.

Law enforcement is spying on America via “smart” utility systems that surreptitiously share data without your consent

“As that data accumulates over time, it can provide inferences about private daily routines such as what devices are being used, when they are in use, and how this changes over time,” one report explains.

Choo’s Food Corner: Choo’s Walnut Pineapple Glazed Ham

This ham is absolutely delicious and so simple to make.

A California city’s water supply is expected to run out in two months

That looming threat has left city officials racing between meetings in Sacramento and phone calls

Choo’s Food Corner: Choo’s Fruit Salad

You will love my fruit salad. I have been making this pretty much most of my life. I make it for the Holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas and I also make it during the year when ever I feel like it. I switch it up a lot.

An Estimated 30,000 Americans Were Killed by Ventilators & Iatrogenesis in April 2020

On the contrary, over 30,000 Americans appear to have been killed by mechanical ventilators or other forms of medical iatrogenesis throughout April 2020, primarily in the area around New York.

Choo’s Food Corner: Choo’s Homemade Spaghetti Sauce

I have been making the same Spaghetti Sauce for a good 25 years now and to be honest everyone loves it. My friends text me asking when the next time I am making it or when I am texting with them we always talk about getting together and I pretty much always make my Spaghetti Sauce for them.

Sleepy Senate starts debate on annual defense bill

The move comes in the wake of the Senate punting a vote on the National Defense Authorization Act to November despite previous plans to bring members back into session to vote on the bill mid-month.

Sweden Refuses to Share Results of Nord Stream Pipeline Explosion Investigation With Russia

“In Sweden, our preliminary investigations are confidential, and that, of course, also applies in this case,” Andersson told reporters.

Why Zelensky’s World War III gambit will fail

Zelensky, an actor by trade, doesn’t seem to care about the details.

Choo’s Food Corner: Deep Fried Green Beans

They are a great appetizer when you are entertaining or just something extra to make for your dinner in the evening.

State-Owned Media Agency Leads Campaign to Cancel Science Paper Which Found ‘Climate Emergency’ Not Supported by Data

State-owned Agence France-Presse (AFP) is rapidly becoming the ‘fact-checker’ of choice for those seeking to enforce the strict ‘settled’ science narrative.

CENSORSHIPsteria: Best PayPal Memes (Go Woke, Go Broke!)

PayPal is the latest company to “accidentally” find out the hard way that going woke can cause you to go broke

China Says They’ve Been “Overwhelmed” With “Rapidly Mounting Sightings” of UFOs

Transmedium objects are those that are capable of flying at tremendous speeds both in the air and through the water. Many UFOs are observed doing this.

Biden’s Energy Policies Costing U.S. Economy $100 Billion a Year: Study

“It takes a higher oil price to motivate the same supply during the Biden administration.”

PC shipments fall at fastest rate ever as businesses slam wallets shut

More analysts emerge to talk up hefty double digit shrink in unit volumes

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