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UPDATED: JUNE 12, 2022

We are a Christian News Website, you may not use the Lord’s Name in Vain here.

We have Daily Prayers and Inspirations articles every single morning before we start our day with news.

We celebrate all American Christian Holidays and Birthday’s of people here, if you want to celebrate your Birthday here just inform me of your Birthday.

We have all President Trump’s Live Streams.

Since the day we opened, July 29, 2020, our old Mod Boss, Craig, set up Disqus where you must be TRUSTED to post here. I give Craig all the credit for that, it was genius idea. It works, keeps the trolls and trouble makers out. Comments made by non-trusted will go straight to moderation and one of the mods, not normally me, will take care of it. You will get a welcome message if you are trusted and can post here regularly.

We are troll free and drama free.

We welcome relevant and respectful comments. Trolls and spam will be removed and banned.


Be respectful of others here, always.

You may post gifs, jpgs, youtube videos, music, links, tweets, images, meme’s etc. If you post a great news article I will normally grab the link and use it for an article and give you credit.

There is no banned words here at CCN because I fully believe in the Freedom of Speech as it is written in our 1st Amendment in our Constitution. You are your own filter, not CCN.

You may never dox anyone, EVER.

Comments here are protected by the applicable US statues, rules and regulations.

Happy Commenting.

God Bless You!