About Us

We are a Community that loves America, President Donald J Trump the GREATEST President in the history of America, Our United States Constitution and We Honor God.  We offer our own written Articles and great Aggregated Articles from many other news sites from Breaking News to Politics to weather to world news and recipes and much more.  We cover all Trump Rallies and Pressers by The Trump Administration.  Our Community is 100% Troll Free and Drama Free.

We are dedicated to REAL NEWS, the TRUTH which is the way it should be in our United States of America.

We have many in our community that find great articles and we post them and give proper credit to them for finding them.  Hurricane helped Ch00Ch00 in naming our site, Bro (aDeplorablehandout) is who came up with Chillin’ @ Ch00’s and several others have come up with other great slogans for our Merchandise that will be offered in Our Store Soon.

We are Ad Free, there are no scripts running on our site here, no jsons no ads no nothing. This is a straight up site respecting your privacy. Clean code and never user infringing.


Our Staff Team

Each one of us plays a special role in keeping our Community fun, exciting and news worthy

Ch00 Ch00

Founder | Designer | Coder

Curator | Mod

I made my name because my hubs is a Locomotive Engineer on the Railroad for over 45 years now. It’s funny how it fits right into the TRUMP TRAIN. I am one of God’s many Children trying my best daily to live by God’s Word. I have many hobbies on the computer and off the computer. God Bless!

KY Stargazzer

Curator | Mod

Certified News Nut, Published Hobby Songwriter/Poet, Writer, & Citizen Journalist. From the Bluegrass State of Kentucky. Home of the Kentucky Derby and best bourbon in the world.  I enjoy anything astronomy, space program, into all sports, and all forms of music. I enjoy people, humor, and good conversation. And I support Donald Trump and make no excuses for it!  

Beautiful Mariah



I am a political news junkie and avid Trump supporter. A dog mom to two, very active Labrador Retrievers. Happily married, living in the blue state of Colorado. Fighting the good fight with my man, trying to flip this state back to its red roots and get Trump re-elected in 2020!! MAGA/KAG!!


King Mod

Craig The Mod Boss


The Mod Boss

Tim Wilde





Save the Constitution


In The Store

Our Store will be Opening Soon with some Custom Made Merchandise.

Below is a little teaser of some of the designs we are working on.

KYSG Coffee Merchandise


Beautiful Mariah Wine Merchandise


Hurricane Pancakes Merchandise