Dax Tejera “died suddenly” Friday, ABC’s Rachel Scott reported on the air Saturday. The cause of death was reportedly a “heart attack.”

.@RachelvScott reports on the sudden passing of Dax Tejera, the Executive Producer of @ABCThisWeek. In a memo to employees, @ABC President Kim Godwin said that Dax’s passion and love for the show shined every Sunday morning.

Kim Godwin, president of ABC, issued a memo to employees to announce his death saying, “Dax’s energy, passion and love for that show shined every Sunday morning.”

“This Week” co-anchor Jonathan Karl noted Tejara “adored his family and he loved his work. His passing has left us shocked and hurt.”

This latest case of young person who died suddenly is once again raising awareness of the possible part a COVID vaccine may have played in Tejara’s death.

Breanna Morello, a journalist who quit as news producer at Fox over its own COVID-vaccine mandate, tweeted: “Disney (which owns ABC News) forced all of its employees, including remote, to get vaccinated. Never forget what these people did to us. NEVER FORGET.”