Covid-19 provided a template for deception. The new public health response trialled with this outbreak was far more attractive to investors with its centralisation, and commoditisation with vast opportunities for future growth. The excellent Covid era wealth shifts from the masses to the few have justified decades of patient investment in public-private partnerships that have broken down the arms-length approach global health once had with conflicting corporate interests.

Truth was the only persistent obstacle to corporatising and monetising global public health but Covid proved that this impediment to progress can be expunged through consistent lying and vilification of truth-tellers backed by a well-managed behavioural psychology campaign.

Covid provided a hard bucket of facts to deal with, but this is just the situation in which Really Big Lies can work. These were needed both to fool the public and provide a structure within which health professionals could implement the policy.

The way out of this is simply to refuse to lie or to cover for the lies of others.

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The myth of pandemic preparedness

The entire WHO effort is based on the false assumption that pandemic preparedness would actually work.  But in fact, all it has done is create new pandemics.

  • The two most recent WHO-declared Public Health Emergencies of International Concern (“PHEICs”) – SARS-CoV-2 and Monkeypox – were both caused by viruses developed in a laboratory.
  • The Global Preparedness Monitoring Board has also geared up to push the identical program as the WHO: surveillance, One Health, and investment.
  • The G20 nations agreed last April to a $50 billion price tag for global pandemic preparedness.

The pandemic preparedness concept is a dangerous money grab for a new biodefense industry.