Tainted Tallies Tell Tall Tales

Cheating and then claiming, “I won!” does not make a person a winner. Fraud — whether organized or disorganized, isolated or widespread, individual or coordinated — disqualifies results. When flags are thrown and violations confirmed, penalties are assessed and downs replayed. Occasionally, violators may be rejected or time added back to the clock. Confirmed chicanery requires vacated victories and reassignment of crowns.

December 23, 2020

Election totals fuel widespread declarations and serve as the basis for future ratified actions.  But if tallies are tainted, the claims are based on false data, and consequential actions are illegitimate.  The point of pursuing election integrity, in any election and at any and every level, is to indisputably confirm facts and incontestably dispel fiction.

Consider AP Washington Bureau chief Julie Pace’s widely shared unequivocal assertion that the 2020 presidential election is over.  She contends, “It is increasingly clear that there is no fact, no piece of evidence and no court ruling that will dissuade Trump from trying to mislead Americans about President-elect Joe Biden’s victory[.] … In reality, Biden won 306 Electoral College votes, the same number Trump carried four years ago in a victory he deemed a landslide.  Biden also outpaced Trump by more than 7 million votes nationwide.”

Pace’s postulations are clear, but are they factually accurate?  If so, the following statements lean true:

  • “The election is over.  Joe Biden is the president-elect,” and “What Joe Biden got in this election was a mandate.”  Nancy Pelosi, news briefings, 11/12/20 and 11/13/20.
  • “The Donald Trump approach was repudiated.  The Joe Biden approach was embraced.”  Chuck Schumer, news briefing, 11/12/20.
  • “The November 3rd election was the most secure in American history[.] … There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised.”  Election Infrastructure Government Coordinating Council (GCC) Executive Committee joint statement, CISA.gov, 11/12/20.
  • “The election is over.”  Paul Ryan, Virtual European Credit Conference, 11/24/20.
  • “The election is over.”  Joe Biden, Twitter, 11/24/2020.
  • “There is no evidence of fraud that would change the outcome of the election.”  Attorney General William Barr, Associated Press, 12/1/20.
  • “I can tell you without shadow of a doubt, there was no hanky-panky with the recent election.”  Rob Pitts, chairman of Fulton County (Georgia) Board of Commissioners, news conference, 12/1/20.
  • “The election is over.”  Marc A. Thiessen, Washington Post, 12/8/20.
  • “The election is over.”  Karl Rove, Fox Business, 12/8/20.
  • “The election is over.”  Jeb Bush, Twitter, 12/10/2020.
  • “The election fraud hoax will go down as one of the most embarrassing and dishonorable episodes in American political history.”  Michigan representative Justin Amash, Twitter, 12/11/20.

However, if the tallies prove tainted, as alleged by former New York mayor and current Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, the vast verbiage arguing otherwise will ultimately classify as filthy fiction.  Speaking on an episode of War Room: Pandemic, Giuliani asserted that the American people have not yet had the opportunity to examine evidence that appears to have corru….

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