Outspoken anti-white racist Xavier Becerra along with transgender mutant “Rachel” Levine recently issued an update about Alzheimer’s and dementia in “people of color” that says these diseases are a product of “structural inequities” resulting from racism.

The new “woke” plan by the HHS to address Alzheimer’s disease in “Black, Hispanic, and low-income populations” includes taking more money from white people and giving it to non-white people.

The reason why non-whites are experiencing brain degradation is because of “underinvestment in education systems, less walkable communities, decreased access to nutritious food, barriers to health care access and low quality of care in their communities,” Biden’s HHS insists.

Another way to address Alzheimer’s in darker-skinned people is to focus on “cultural competence and equity.” (Related: During the covid lockdowns, Levine said that attending an orgy was safe as long as all participants wore a mask during sex.)

High blood pressure and diabetes in blacks, Hispanics not caused by bad diet and lifestyle habits – it’s all white people’s fault!

Alzheimer’s is not the only health condition that whites are accused of inflicting on blacks and Hispanics. There is also high blood pressure and diabetes, which are not a product of bad diet and lifestyle habits, we are told.