The lawsuit, Caroline Jeffords, et al. v. Fulton County, et al., alleges that the plaintiffs’ votes in the 2020 election were “diluted by the inclusion of allegedly unlawful ballots in Fulton County.” Jeffords also alleged that Fulton County violated the Georgia Open Records Act.

In July, the Court of Appeals of Georgia dismissed an appeal by the plaintiffs of a trial court’s dismissal of the case, siding with the trial court’s decision on Jeffords lacking standing for the lawsuit because a “particularized injury” had not been alleged. The appeals court’s rationale for dismissing the case for lack of standing was based on a prior decision in 2021 titled Sons of Confederate Veterans v. Henry County Board of Commissioner.

However, the Georgia Supreme Court in October of this year ruled on the Confederate case, redefining what constitutes “standing” for a party to bring a lawsuit.