EXCLUSIVE: Expert Trump Witness Says Georgia Has Up To 40,000 Fraudulent Votes, Explains How To Remove Them

Expert witness Mark Davis explains how Trump’s team of lawyers can challenge up to 40,000 votes cast in Georgia

December 10, 2020

Mark Davis, the president of Data Productions, who testified before the Georgia Senate last week regarding potential election irregularities and fraud he discovered while examining the Georgia voter rolls, exclusively told National File how the Trump campaign can use his analysis in court and in the Georgia legislature to overturn the 2020 presidential election’s potentially fraudulent results.

Davis, who analyzed the voter rolls and testified that 40,000 Georgia residents may have voted illegally due to changes in residence, in some cases moving out of state, explained to National File that the Trump campaign’s legal team can fight to remove these potentially fraudulent votes from the state’s official vote count both in court and through the Georgia legislature.

“To make this kind of case there’s two ways to do it: You either take each vote individually, one by one, you bring them in and put them under oath, you say, ‘Did you vote in the election? Did you vote in the presidential election? Did you move from 123 Elm Street to 123 Main Street? Approximately when did you do that? Next.’” Davis added, “You’re talking about an endless parade, at least 12,000 voters.”

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