One of the Last Honest Reporters Speaks Out

Slanted is the third book by Sharyl Attkisson, and as with her other two, it is a refreshing read. It is nice to know that there are still independent journalists who put fact over opinion, and she is one of those. To no one’s surprise, she talks about the shift in the news, from a focus on reporting the facts to more on trying to push a narrative on the American people.

December 06, 2020

Attkisson begins Slanted by talking about George Orwell’s book 1984.  Attkisson tells the story of “the hapless protagonist, Winston Smith, a government records editor at the Ministry of Truth — which is a job that’s all about lies.  The modern media have also discovered how to carefully filter information on the front end to make sure that only the ‘correct’ view is presented in the first place. That way, the story never has to change.”

She directly told American Thinker, “We in the media have, to a frightening degree, gotten on board with the efforts to convince the public that they do not need or deserve access to all information, only that which powerful interests see fit for them to have.”

Did anyone ever wonder how the media constantly use anonymous sources to push their narrative?  Attkisson recently testified before a Senate Committee her beliefs:

Under Trump, the press very publicly announced it was suspending its longstanding journalism ethics and guidelines to cover someone they claimed was uniquely dangerous.  They began carelessly publishing information from anonymous sources “without evidence,” even when such sources repeatedly proved wrong.  When I was at CBS News, we followed strict guidelines as to when and how anonymous sources could be used.  For example, anonymous sources were to be used only as a last resort if the information could not be gathered in another way.  We were to disclose with as much specificity as possible any conflicts of interest the party might have and what type of position or access that person held or holds.  Now, instead of quoting others, journalists merely make claims and determinations themselves, blending their opinion into hard news reporting, telling people which side is supposedly correct rather than letting the public decide.  They even declare information to be fact as if they had personally confirmed it, when they could not possibly have done so.

In the book, she also speaks about social media, Twitter, and Google along with mainstream media regarding the way they redefined their roles.  “The same powerful interests that figured out how to successfully dominate news narratives in the first decade and a half of this century saw in 2016 that people could still get unfettered access to information online.  So, they set about to change that.  That’s what we’re seeing today.  Those interests have successfully intervened to convince Big Tech to controversialist or censor information, views, scientific studies, and other material that these powerful interests do not want people to see or believe.”

A book chapter was devoted to “The New York Times: All the Narratives Fit to Print.”  Along with The Washington Post, and many others, it could now be considered “Democratic state media,” just as in Russia and China.  There are so many examples to draw from.  Looking at a recent tweet, the N.Y. Times called the killing of an Iranian nuclear scientist outrageous considering that “Iranian officials, who have always maintained that their nuclear ambitions are for peaceful purposes, not weapons.”  Really?  This go….

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