Election Fraud Is Treason: Retired US General

Former Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney has come out on the record alleging that treason against the nation is taking place amid the presidential election. He says the attempt to steal the election from President Donald Trump is the largest cyber-warfare activity in the world. McInerney says there are two groups involved: the foreign states of China, Russia, and Iran; and select U.S. citizens.

December 05, 2020

This is six to 10 states bonding together to manipulate their data to take control of the U.S. government and the Chief Executive Officer, the commander in chief. So this is not anything to be taken lightly,” the retired three-star U.S. Air Force lieutenant general said.

“It’s not dirty politics, or tricks. It is treason, by the very nature against the United States government and the people of America.”

TV news stations reported the counting stopped in 5 swing states the morning after the election, according to an affidavit (pdf) from Navid Keshavarz-Nia, a cybersecurity expert. He called the situation highly unusual and said it may indicate prior coordination. He also said that they may have not stopped counting, and may have continued to count the ballots behind closed doors to get the results they wanted in secret.

General McInerney outlines a five-fold plan for tackling what he calls a national emergency.

“Initiate the insurrection act. Declare martial law. Suspend habeas corpus and set up military tribunals. Those are the things that must be done in this emergency. It is a national emergency of whether we’re going to continue forward as a democratic republic, or go into a totalitarian society,” he said.

His plan starts with the president declaring a national emergency, per Trump’s 2018 executive order on foreign interference with the election.

McInerney then suggests implementing the insur….

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