Exclusive: 3-Star General McInerney Calls for Partial Martial Law, Military Tribunals, and an Investigation Into the Treason and Cyberwar Against America

Brannon Howse: General McInerney, our topics tonight really must be cyber warfare, treason, national emergency, habeas corpus, the lack of support from some Republican leaders and then the breaking news related to voting machines out of Georgia, as well as the fact we’re about to lose the country if we lose a free and fair election in Georgia. And Lin wood, the attorney, tonight, is warning Americans that it looks like the same mess that gave us what we have now – voter fraud, cyber warfare and treason and a stolen election – could very easily be repeated in Georgia. Which means the end of the Republic as we know it.

December 02, 2020

Well, let’s start with why today you reached out to me with the need to educate the American people on understanding that there’s more going on here than just voter fraud. You’re very adamant, as you were the other night with General Flynn, that this is treason, but it’s cyber warfare; we are at war. General, I’m going to give you the floor to speak to the American people. So please go right ahead.

General McInerney: Thank you, Brannon. And what really promoted me to call you on this was listening to President Trump talk on Maria Bartiromo today, this morning and his comments that he must’ve been on, oh, almost 45 minutes with Maria. But what startled me was, he kept talking about fraudulent votes. Then I heard Rudy Giuliani talking about fraudulent votes, etc. It’s not fraudulent votes. The American people must understand we are talking about treason. And why do I say that? Well, when you coordinate six to ten states using using cyber warfare, it changes the outcome of the election in favor of whomever you want.

These are treasonous acts. These are not just fraudulent acts, they are treasonous acts. ‘Cause it means changing the government. ‘Cause then when you add Russia, China and Iran, foreigners in it, you’ve complicated it and made it even more treasonous. So cyber warfare and the Dominion voting system – which we’re talking about in Georgia and Michigan and all the other states, Pennsylvania as well…as the CIA rogue systems which the Democrats stole; Brennan, Clapper,  HAMMER and Scorecard. Plus, has anyone seen or heard about the FBI or the DOJ – the Department of Justice, investigating prior to this of where we are? And we are three private citizens talking to you tonight, Brannon, and alerting you.

And you haven’t heard from any of the Department of Justice people, FBI, etc.? That is very worrisome. So that’s why I found it was extremely important to get to you and get to the American people to talk about this. As a matter of fact, we had the CISA – which is the Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency, Chris Krebs – who was fired two weeks ago by President Trump – who says this was the perfect election. Please. This was the worst election in history of any democracy. And he comes out and says, “It was the perfect election?” So you can see the deep state; the complicity to terrorism and – the complicity to treason, rather. Treason is what these people are doing.

This has driven me to get to the American people so they know what they’ve got to do and what we’ve got to tell the President to do. The President has got to declare a national emergency. And that emergency needs to be based upon his executive order, dated September 12th, 2018 – a little over two years ago – in which he declared a national emergency if there was foreign influence in our elections. And he also should use the Insurrection Act, because we have an insurrection building in this country right now when you look at BLM and Antifa, plus other groups. 

So it’s important – when the President declares this emergency, he must extend habeas corpus, as President Lincoln did in 1861, and FDR did in 1942, when World War II started. The Democratic perpetrators of this, plus the Russians, Chinese and Iran have not disguised this cyber warfare un-American. As a matter of fact, they have been blatant about it and open on it; cocky about it. And all the things they’ve done and all the people they’ve employed, truckloads of people driving up and unloading. I saw pictures today of unloading mail-in ballots that haven’t even been folded and put in an envelope. It’s a printing press operation. Yet we have judges that are challenging that and saying that’s not enough. And so, that’s why it’s so important that this national emergency be declared and that the President starts arresting these people right away in this national emergency. I would declare martial law.

Brannon Howse: Let me just have you pause right there. Because, again, I want you to explain to the American people. And I want to make sure that they understand. This is a three-star General, retired. This is a patriot. Okay? He flew 400 missions – over 400 missions – fighting the Communists in Vietnam. He has served our country with distinction and honor. Look, you heard – those of you that watched it – General Flynn on here with General McInerney. Okay? Doesn’t that tell you what General Flynn thinks of General McInerney and what General McInerney thinks of General Flynn? These are patriots. 

So it might be a little startling to hear this coming from a patriot about habeas corpus and suspending that and arresting people and a national emergency. And as shocking as that is, there is the historical precedent dealing with President Abraham Lincoln, as General McInerney has said. But, General, the reason this is so urgent in your message is because you are talking about foreign actors. And you’ve named them as you did the other night with General Flynn; Russia, China, Iran. And now, you bring up ballots. We know that North Korea prints money and uses our American dollars that they counterfeit. How do we know that a foreign actor has not printed these ballots?

General McInerney: Well, Brannon, we don’t know that. We know their involvement through certain intel sources. We do know that these ballots – that the information has been secured properly. As I said, many of them didn’t even fold their mail-in ballots. We know that the decisions made to allow this massive number of mail-in ballots was made by secretaries of state and judges of state Supreme Courts – which was illegal. It wasn’t done by their legislature. And then, they ran these things through. And then on election night, they stopped midnight in the morning at 2:30 AM, for instance, in the five states.

And they said they decided to cease voting and counting operations. And this was a unanimous decision by five states. Right there, you can see the treasonous activity. This has never happened before. It’s unprecedented. And so, it shows that there was pre-planning with these states to do this; to do these treasonous acts. That’s why it’s treason and it’s not fraudulent voting. It’s treason. They are trying to overturn this government. And the President put out an executive order in 2018 that I believe covers this, plus the Insurrection Act. Because we know when Biden and his cult of bandits are turned down, they are going to unleash Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

That’s why we have a new secretary of defense, Chris Miller. ‘Cause the military active duty is going to have to suppress this as well as the national guard. This is insurrection, and it’s the implementation of the Insurrection Act. And so, that means I believe till this is cleared out, until we are satisfied we have all the facts, that the President should suspend the electoral college meeting on the 14th of December and the inauguration of 20 January until this emergency is ceased. So that’s why martial law is so important and why we must have the American people – the 85 million in my personal estimate – that we have supporting this President.

We need to set up military tribunals because the judiciary has shown us they’re not capable of figuring that out. As I mentioned in Pennsylvania, the local judges couldn’t figure out because they put out 1.8 million… distributed 1.8 million votes to the citizens of Pennsylvania, and they got back 2.5 million. My goodness. Someone had to have a printing press that was printing all these votes. Yet the judicial system couldn’t figure it out and stop them. So that’s why I believe we need military tribunals to run this thing. And once these people are arrested and charged, then the evidence should be presented there. Look. America’s got to wake up.

The President has got to start having rallies, talking to the pe….

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