Hospitals Now Denying Unemployment Benefits To Further Punish Unvaccinated Workers Who They Fired Over Vaccine Mandate



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December 01, 2021



Further Punish Unvaccinated Workers

“O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the LORD our maker.”  Psalms 95:6 (KJV) 

A Sterile Processing Tech for an Operating Room at a hospital in Connecticut worked there for the last 3 years and then some. She was called a hero last year when she worked through the entire COVID pandemic while millions of Americans were paid to stay home, and now this year she was told by her employer that she was being terminated because she didn’t comply with a vaccine mandate.

Her last day of service was on September 30, which followed a two-week unpaid suspension.

The Democrats are setting the country up for great failures in our healthcare industry because hundreds of thousands of health care workers are leaving their jobs because of the mandate and that created a void that will affect how patients will be treated.

And the leaders don’t care. Think about it. The Democrats are punishing fully vaccinated Americans as well because there won’t be enough health care workers to treat them for other diseases outside of COVID.

To add insult to injury, the former hospital worker just received a letter from the Unemployment Office telling her she was denied unemployment benefits, something I’m fairly certain she paid into the entire time she worked at the hospital.

The tyrant Democrats working with woke corporate executives are trying to punish people who believe they have the God-given right to decide what they let be injected into their body. So they are getting unemployment offices to deny benefits because they are essentially charging last year’s heros with insubordination even though the hospitals are not the ones creating a vaccine mandate, they are following a government dictate. But they are going through with it anyway and that makes me wonder if I would ever want to get treated by hospitals who don’t care enough about their employees to fight for them. Think about how the hospital would treat patients once half their workforce is gone.

We all know the incredible number of health care workers across the country who are not getting the jab and it kills me that our failed mainstream news media will not do stories explaining how those health care workers know so much more about COVID than President Joe Biden, the houseplant, and any other Democrat in Congress who isn’t a medical doctor.

A federal judge recently put a stay on Biden’s vaccine mandate for health care workers. Unfortunately, it was only done for the ten states that sought relief, and Connecticut was not one of them.

The mandate that was announced earlier this month by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), required approximately 17 million workers to get vaccinated or get fired.

US District Judge Matthew Schelp ruled against it.

“Plaintiffs are likely to succeed in their argument that Congress has not provided CMS the authority to enact the regulation at issue here,” Schelp wrote in his 32-page ruling that granted the preliminary injunction that the states inv…

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