New Jersey Voter Tells Americans to ‘Fight Tooth and Nail’ Against Communism

TRENTON—Mira Balteanu, originally from Ukraine, emigrated to the United States around the time of the fall of communism.

November 28, 2020

I am one of the people who ran from communism,” she said. “A lot of Asians here are horrified, just like me, they see this creeping here in America, and that is extremely worrisome and very scary frankly.”

“Chinese people are wonderful people and they have been enslaved for generations by evil, the CCP,” she said, referring to the Chinese Communist Party. “I see the influence of the CCP coming to America and I never thought I would see that.”

“I came here to forewarn to people and make sure they fight tooth and nail to not be enslaved,” she said at a Stop the Steal rally in on Nov. 28, 2020. Thousands have been protesting against electionfraud every Saturday since Election Day.

“I have kids, I want them to grow up free,” she said. “I want my children to grow up free and I want people who come here who ran from communism to be free, to continue to be free, and right now we are in very difficult times, these are very serious times in America, you could say apocalyptic times really, because I have the perspective of someone who’s lived under communism and knows how many people they killed, over 100 million people.”

The death and destruction brought about by the Communist Party in China was the same in Russia, and the same in Ukraine, she said. She grew up in a small town in Ukraine, when everyone knew the media was just state propaganda, and every night her family would tune in to Voice of America radio to try to hear the truth. It was the highlight of her day, because she knew outside her home she could not speak freely. Her family always hoped to come to America one day.

“It breaks my heart so see that people here don’t understa….

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