OH MY GOODNESS! Pastor turns church into ‘strip club’ to avert lockdown order

For a brief moment, a California pastor turned his church into a “strip club” so it could be deemed an “essential” business and remain open amid the state’s discriminatory COVID-19 lockdown.

November 27, 2020

You only need to see the video and realize Gov. Newsman allowed Strip Clubs to be OPEN FOR BUSINESS, yet Churches are CLOSED!  So basically, you can put money in a chicks g-string, but you cant sow your seeds giving money to your Churches!  I have said for couple months now, TURN THE CHURCHES INTO STRIP CLUBS or go start PREACHING AT STRIP CLUBS!  I am happy to see someone else, thinks like I do.

We are fighting TYRANTS trying to OVERTHROW our country into Communism/Socialism.  GET TOUGH & turn the tables on them.  Use their “game” the way they are using it on us.

By the way, if they are so worried about “deaths From CHINA VIRUS,” why is Planned Parenthood still open and aborting babies?  The simple answer is, they hate GOD, and they love MURDER!  I know it’s harsh, but you need to grow up and face the real facts of what is going on.  They do not want you going to church because they think, “rolls eyes” that they can take your dedication to God away.  That IS their goal here.  DO NOT ALLOW THAT!

Watch the video, its really good!

Some credit to WND for this article.

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