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The only word for this is, TYRANNY. If you think it is going to get better, THINK AGAIN!

November 23, 2020

tyranny noun

tyr·​an·​ny | \ ˈtir-ə-nē


plural tyrannies

Definition of tyranny

: oppressive power

every form of tyranny over the mind of man

— Thomas Jefferson

especially : oppressive power exerted by government

the tyranny of a police state

: a government in which absolute power is vested in a single ruler

especially : one characteristic of an ancient Greek city-state

: the office, authority, and administration of a tyrant

: a rigorous condition imposed by some outside agency or force

living under the tyranny of the clock

— Dixon Wecter

: an oppressive, harsh, or unjust act : a tyrannical act

workers who had suffered tyrannies


In the modern English-language’s usage of the word, a tyrant is an absolute ruler who is unrestrained by law, or one who has usurped a legitimate ruler’s sovereignty. Often portrayed as cruel, tyrants may defend their positions by resorting to oppressive means. The original Greek term meant an absolute sovereign who came to power without constitutional right, yet the word had a neutral connotation during the Archaic and early Classical periods. However, Greek philosopher Plato saw tyrannos as a negative word, and on account of the decisive influence of philosophy on politics, its negative connotations only increased, continuing into the Hellenistic period. The philosophers Plato and Aristotle defined a tyrant as a person who rules without law, using extreme and cruel methods against both his own people and others. The Encyclopédie defined the term as a usurper of sovereign power who makes “his subjects the victims of his passions and unjust desires, which he substitutes for laws”. Wikipedia

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