An Engineer Explains Why We Must Kill Software-Based Voting

First, my qualifications. I’ve written over a million lines of code in the last 42 years, including nationwide systems for companies whose names you would recognize instantly. I have been granted quite a few patents on systems containing software and algorithms for solving real-world problems. This is my job and life, and I do it five or more days a week, sometimes lying awake at night designing those systems and algorithms in my head while the hours tick by. Ask my wife. There are many, many engineers like me in the U.S., engineers who do this because they love it.

By Hank Wallace | November 18, 2020

Let me list just some of the ways one could engage in election cheating by fiddling with software:

  • Change the voting ratio between two candidates by any fraction
  • Display an entered vote correctly to the voter, then change the vote before tabulation
  • Display a summary of votes to an election official, and change that total later
  • Allow remote modification of vote totals via the internet or local WiFi
  • Change votes or methods at a certain time of day, or at a later date, even after voting machine certification concludes, or before/during auditing
  • Change votes in a random fashion on election day to make it appear to be a legitimate voting trend
  • Change voting trends by precinct, or using historical voting statistics
  • Update the software secretly with a new algorithm
  • Provide intermediate vote tallies to remote actors who are gaming the election in other ways
  • Make adjustments to the votes of one candidate and tracking adjustments to other candidates down ballot

Any cheat you could do with a paper ballot becomes extremely easy with an electronic voting machine, plus a lot more.  Want dead people to vote?  You don’t need to dig up their identification or voter registration card; just program the machine to register 1.02 Biden votes for every actual vote.  So every 50 Biden votes result in one nonexistent person voting Bide….

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