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Liz Cheney goes full Orwell in Epps defense

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nderstanding what it means if the facts and the evidence are there, and they decide not to prosecute – how do we then call ourselves a nation of laws?” Rep. Liz Cheney said of the Department of Justice on CNN in August.

Cheney was directing her fire at Donald Trump, and she wasn’t through. “The question for us is, are we a nation of laws?” she continued. “Are we a country where no one is above the law?”

At a University of Chicago forum last week, student Daniel Schmidt asked Cheney a variety of that same question. From his perspective, the person who showed himself above the law on Jan. 6, 2021, was not Donald Trump.

That person was the one Jan. 6 protestor the left has been ordered to love. “Do you demand the prosecution of Ray Epps?” Schmidt asked. “He’s an actual insurrectionist on tape. Do you demand his prosecution?”

Caught off guard, Cheney chose to misinterpret Schmidt’s question. “Let me answer that question because I believe there is some confusion,” she said to the applause of the otherwise clueless audience.

“Confusion about the role of Congress,” she continued, stalling for time. “And confusion about who makes decisions about prosecutions.”

Schmidt wasn’t confused. He was alluding to Cheney’s comments in August in which she all but demanded that if the evidence were there, the DOJ should prosecute Donald Trump. Otherwise, we would not be “a nation of laws.”

Cheney did, however, concede that she had seen videotape of Epps. “I’ve seen thousands of people saying things like, ‘lets go into the Capitol,’” she added, lying through her teeth. If there were others, they were few in number, and Epps was easily the most obvious.

In his red Trump hat and camo gear, Epps stood a head taller than virtually all those around him. Repeatedly, he was caught on camera both on Jan. 5 and Jan. 6 urging other protestors, literally, to “go in to the Capitol.”

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