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Derek Johnson on Midterm 2022 Election!

God Bless You



 really want you to listen to this video, it is the full truth on many levels of what is really going on.  You may not like how Derek delivers the message, but he is very passionate, like me, about our country and tired of seeing such stupid and lazy people. No, Im not calling anyone stupid and lazy, but there are many that would rather complain instead of knowing the truth!

This really is the truth, Derek lays all of it on the line way better then I ever could, even though I know this is whats happening and have known since the 2nd Q post.  The Military really is the only way to take back our republic.  All with the laws that are real.  President Trump does everything by the RULE OF LAW and LAW AND ORDER.  This is why you always see me address Biden as a RESIDENT and NOT a President. Biden is fake, he is an actor.  There is so much more going on then people really understand.  
President Trump is OUR CIC, NOT President, our Commander In Chief.  
Listen and learn.  Relax and calm your mind and emotions.  Keep praying, repenting, armor up and do communion everyday. This is why we have Daily Prayers everyday on our site.  Know that while God is in control, so is our Military.  GOD WILL GET ALL THE GLORY!  You will witness miracles, so do not give up hope or trust in God.  I hate to have to say this BUT God wants to know you are loyal to him, so do not give up on God.  I know I keep saying this, almost like a broken record because I am a messenger for God, I work everyday for him, but there is so much going on in the spirit, in heaven, and in the earth.  The one thing you must do is keep your faith, hope and trust in God.
What is coming is going to be the most beautiful thing you ever witnessed in your life, and only God can bring that.  My faith and trust in God and in President Trump is very strong, you will never see me waiver on either one.  
The reason is because I have already seen it.  I love you all!

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