Mike Pence to Audience Chanting ‘Four More Years!’: ‘That’s the Plan’

Vice President Mike Pence hinted during a recent speech in McLean, Virginia, that he and President Trump are planning on another four years in the White House.

by AMY FURR | November 14, 2020

During his speech, Pence said Americans “need to do everything in our power to be a check on what Democrats and the American left want to undo and do in America”:

I mean, our agenda is American greatness. Their agenda is American decline. Where we’re opening up, they’ll be locking down America again — and not just through lockdowns in the midst of a pandemic, but they’ll be doing lockdowns with higher taxes, more regulations, and suffocating weight of government bureaucracy.

“I mean, their agenda, you all know it: higher taxes, open borders, socialized medicine, a Green New Deal, abortion on demand, defunding the police, packing the courts. That’s why we’re not going to let it happen,” he concluded.

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