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Here’s What The GOP Can Do Right Now to Make Sure No US Election is Ever Compromised Again

President Trump is still battling to expose possible voter fraud in the 2020 election and secure a second term.

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s Revolver has repeatedly pointed out, Republican state legislators should be rallying behind the president, and pledging to appoint a pro-Trump slate of electors to the Electoral College if they are not adequately convinced the 2020 vote was fair and free of fraud.

Instead, state-level Republicans are doing nothing. Perhaps they are convinced that no fraud occurred. The truth, of course, is that America’s electoral system is a mess, and it is nearly impossible to detect or prevent competent fraud.

Republicans only have themselves to blame for what happened in the 2020 election. And whether Trump succeeds or fails in his legal challenges over the 2020 election, the party has an obligation to make sure this mess never repeats. 

For the past decade, Republicans have been handed victory after victory at the state level. The party has had undivided control of a majority of state legislatures after every single election since 2010. Entering this year, they controlled thirty. In the key 2020 swing states of Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Texas, and Florida, they have controlled both houses of the state legislature for the entirety of the past decade. In every single one of those states, Republicans also controlled the governor’s mansion for at least four years. In Georgia, Arizona, Texas, and Florida, they had total control of the state government for the entire decade.

Power is useless when it isn’t used. Yet when it comes to elections, Republicans wasted their power, and allowed Democrats to create the situation the prevailed in 2020, the situation that may have let a presidential election be snatched away from them.

For years, Republican efforts to prevent voter fraud have focused narrowly on requiring voter ID. Meanwhile, Democrats seized upon the 2020 coronavirus to create a massive national mail-in and early voting system, all while stripping voter fraud protections to a bare minimum. Beyond any doubt, they will try to repeat this system in all elections to come, even after the coronavirus is long gone.

Fortunately for Republicans, they still did well in downballot races in 2020. They still control a large majority of state legislatures, and they have total government control in several key swing states. Republicans must use this power to make sure that the 2020 voting debacle is never repeated.



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