Waging War With Words: Psychopropaganda in Operation

One readily-observable fact of life is that the human race always produces individuals who want nothing more than – or so much as – ruling other people. They can have an exceptional life: they can have extraordinary comfort, security, health, wealth, fame, position, and reputation and no real or imaginable problems, yet they remain powerfully unsatisfied unless and until they are ruling people, many people.

Jan 27, 2019, 7:36:09 AM

And they want power over others simply for the sake of wielding that power. Oh, nowadays they hide their motives under claims that their orders are given solely for the good of the people, the benefit of the ruled, but that is inevitably and invariably a bare-faced lie – they do it simply because they can not stand to see people making their own decisions.

If you believe that the history of man is one of continuously evolving, advancing human socialization and civilization, then these “ruler” types are atavisms: genetic throwbacks to a more primitive time and species.

In olden times, these personality types were far more honest than their modern descendants are. Then they came at you with their big clubs (and possibly a few Neanderthal buddies) and said, “You’re going to do whatever I tell you to do, or I’ll bash your head in!” Today’s megalomaniacs (save for the ocasional Hitler and Stalin) are as dishonest as their forebears were straightforward. Today’s dictators con you into meekly submitting to their arbitrary orders by telling you that it’s for your good, society’s good, or some “greater good.”

While their methods today are far subtler (and less physically painful), their motivation, their mind-set, and their goal – power over others – is nodifferent from that of their caveman ancestors. As witnessed by the fact that – should someone not fall for their male bovine defecant and insist on going his own way – they still send the Neanderthals to bust down his doors, “confiscate” (that’s a euphemism for “theft by government”) his property, and throw him, worse for the wear, in jail.

That is, if they haven’t already killed him in the process.

  In psychological warfare, words are the bullets used (just as ideas – concepts – are the bombs), and the warfare itself has evolved. In earlier times, propagandists would try to recruit you to their side by the force of their arguments and “reasoning” – by “out-talking” you. Today they are far more insidious. Today, they totally (and deliberately) warp the meanings of common words into diametrically-opposed meanings, their meanings. And they also slyly and covertly turn your (the target’s) traditional values upside down.

One of the main techniques they use is pdi-transfer. “Pdi” stands for “psychodynamic index.” The name breaks down this way: “psycho-” refers to the subconscious workings of the human mind; “-dynamic” indicates a “power” or “force” in motion; and “index” means a measurement, a scale of measurement. And here’s how “psychodynamic index” works.

All words exert a psychological effect upon us human beings. That is, just hearing (or reading) a word creates an emotional reaction or state in a person’s mind. Most usually, these reactions are so subtle that we never notice them. But if the word is in your vocabulary (if you’ve heard it and used it to the point that you really know it), notice it or not, each word doescreate an emotional state in your mind….


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