Democrats Went Postal With Sabotage Claims

The sabotage never happened

Josh Christenson & Graham Piro | NOVEMBER 11, 2020 5:35 PM

The doomsday predictions advanced by Democratic Party leaders that President Trump would “sabotage” the Postal Service have failed to materialize.

Democrats in many swing states used reforms at the USPS to justify extended mail-in ballot deadlines and other election changes. But as ballots have trickled in since Election Day, evidence of disenfranchisement has remained thin.

Kevin Kosar, an American Enterprise Institute scholar and former Congressional Research Service official, said the service’s cost-cutting measures do not appear to have affected its ability to handle the largest mail-in voter turnout in history.

“As far as we can tell, the Postal Service did a pretty good job, and we’ve yet to see one significant story reported on how ballots were left behind and it had negative effects on the election,” Kosar told the Washington Free Beacon.

Extensions to mail-in ballot deadlines also proved unnecessary, as no state’s results thus far will be overturned by the number of late-arriving ballots. According to Jason Snead of the Honest Elections Project, this was part of a strategy by Democrats to count late votes.

“For months, Americans were treated to conspiracy theories of USPS ‘sabotage’ to slow down mail-in ballots and disenfranchise huge numbers of mail-in voters,” he said. “This fearmongering was used to justify an unprecedented legal onslaught by deep-pocketed progressive groups in battleground states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North Carolina to force these states to count late, and legally invalid, ballots.”


The Postal Service did not respond to requests for comment. On October 29, the agency issued a press release stating that it went to “extraordinary measures to advance and expedite the delivery of the nation’s ballots” and had processed and delivered 122 million blank and completed ballots. Snead said that scare tactics, rather than postal reform, undermined the nation’s “democratic norms.”

“Voters across the nation had ample avenues to cast their ballots in a timely fashion, with weeks of absentee voting, early in-person, and safe Election Day voting opportunities,” he said. “There was simply no reason to depart from democratic norms to try to rewrite election laws in courts mid-election and in fashions designed to skew elections for partisan gain.”


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