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BIDENFLATION: If you repeat a lie often enough, people are supposed to start believing it?

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his is really nothing more then propaganda and gaslighting.  No one believes that our economy is better then when Biden stole the election of 2020. 

All this Resident had to do was walk into office and sit on his rear end, yet on the first day he started undoing everything President Trump did to make us energy independent, strong job even under a plandemic, highest stock market, 401K’s gaining almost daily, stocked grocery stores, lowest gas prices in history, highest job market in history, putting all these countries on notice, no climate change scams and we weren’t paying a country aid to cover up scams and crimes.

All you see from this resident is nothing but pure lies.  Anyone that believes this bullchit needs their heads examined.

Biden Tweeted:

Today’s inflation report shows my plan is working and folks are starting to see progress.

It’s been a hard 2 years recovering from where we were in early 2021. But our economy is open, new jobs are being created, and soon my plan to reduce drug and energy costs goes into effect.

Americans are paying $1.20 less a gallon of gas than this summer, getting a much-needed break at the grocery store ahead of the holidays. And millions are saving on health insurance thanks to my legislation.

I will work with anyone to provide more breathing room for American families. And I will oppose any effort to undo my agenda or to make inflation worse.

We are on the right path, and we need to keep moving forward to build an economy from the bottom up and the middle out.

The only path we are on, is complete destruction of The United States of America from this resident, and its all being done purposely while they gaslight and use warfare propaganda on The American people.

~ CC



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