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President & First Lady Trump Are The ONLY Republican Party Leader’s

For All The Yesterday's, For All The Today's and For Every Tomorrow

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here is so much going on since the replica election of 2020 that happened yesterday, I felt it was time to make some things very clear.

As most of you know, I have been following Trump for well over 30 years, politically.  I never watched his show because I do not get into TV, but I never missed one of his interviews.  I have seen them all.  My dream since the early 90’s was for him to one day run for president and be elected because I knew that if anyone could make things right in this country, it would be him.  He is not only a business genius but you could always tell in his voice how very much he loved our country, and its still true today.

I have been with President Trump since the day he and our gorgeous First Lady walked down that beautiful escalator to announce his candidacy. And, I will remain with him for every tomorrow and fully support him for 2024.

President Trump delivered not only every single promise he made to us but far more then most people even realize.  He is not only anointed by God, but he is the only man for the job.  Literally, every single one of the many jobs that need taken care of, only President Trump can do and fulfill. 

This is not a time for division of which the enemy media, they really hate and despise us, and all those traitor RINO’s and all the voiceless entertainment scum that for some reason still think they are important and think we actually care what they think, feel or even have to say.  WE DO NOT CARE!  We are not interested in who any of them think should lead our party or our country. 

We have only ONE couple that is the leaders of the Republican Party and that is: 

Mr & Mrs President & First Lady Trump!

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