Statement by, Donald J Trump, 45th President of The United States of America on ICYMI: “China wants more than to beat us in trade—they want to take our place in the world”



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November 08, 2021




“O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the LORD our maker.”  Psalms 95:6 (KJV) 

One fall afternoon, I took my son Jamie to a leafy Washington park with a concrete court and an old basketball hoop. After playing some one-on-one and horse for a good hour as I showed Jamie that Dad still had the moves, we were sweat-drenched and grinning.

I’d noticed a middle-aged woman of Chinese descent watching us from the edge of the court. At first I thought nothing of it, though she wasn’t smiling, as one might while watching a father and son play. But she never seemed to look away. She also appeared to be taking pictures of the nearby National Cathedral at an angle that put us in the shots.

When we took our ball to leave, the woman turned briskly and walked toward a parked car. She looked back at me and slid in the front seat without breaking eye contact. While Jamie and I walked on, I turned and noticed that the woman, now sitting shotgun, continued to watch us closely.

“Jamie, jump in the car quick as you can,” I said.

I wheeled off, drove to the end of the Cathedral driveway, made a quick right, then another right, sneaking back around to slip in behind the car. A man who must have been lying in the back seat rose, walked around to the driver’s seat and drove off with the woman next to him. We followed them a few miles in, shall we say, an aggressive manner.

Back at the White House, I told a national-security official.

“You’re not supposed to follow them,” he said. “That could cause an incident. You might even get killed.”

“Who is ‘them’?”

“It’s China,” he said. “They do this sometimes to senior people when they first onboard in the White House. They want you to notice so you understand they are watching you and can get into your business any time they want.”

I recalled a discussion with my former American Enterprise Institute colleague Jim Lilley, who’d been US ambassador to China during the Tiananmen Square massacre and was, before his death, easily the American who understood China best.

“They do this kind of stuff all the time,” Jim told me. “They would film our new diplomats when they arrived in Beijing, often breaking into their cars and messing everything up, just to show us who was in charge. It was also amazing how often middle-aged men were propositioned by beautiful young Chinese women.”

In the following months, I worked with President Donald Trump and his senior economic and trade advisers on thorny issues in our trade deals with Mexico and Canada, South Korea and Germany. We found plenty of poorly thought-through clauses and exemptions, concessions past negotiators made from incompetence, indifference or fatigue that needlessly relinquished American jobs. We cleaned up those deals as best we could in tough talks with countries with whom we have long ties of blood, culture and commerce.

China was another story. As a candidate, Trump declared that “we can’t continue to allow China to rape our country.” As president, he tweeted: “China is neither an ally or a friend — they want to beat us and own our country.”

It sounded extreme, even to those of us deeply skeptical of China’s state-directed, mercantilist trade and industrial policies. And cert…

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