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5 Reasons to Believe Joe Biden Will Resign After the Midterm Elections

Many believed Joe Biden wouldn't make it this far. Others assume he'll simply not run in 2024. Here are reasons to believe now is the time for Joe Biden to step down.

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t did not take long for most Democrats, Independents, and Never-Trump Republicans to realize they’d made a terrible mistake by supporting Joe Biden. His regime started taking apart the nation literally on Day 1 of being installed into the White House and things just got worse and worse every day thereafter.

Before the end of his first year in the Oval Office, there were already plenty of rumblings about not wanting him to run again in 2024. Many, especially among Republicans, speculated he wouldn’t finish his first term. One can make a case that the only reason he lasted this long is because the powers-that-be saw no redeeming qualities in Kamala Harris. At least with Biden they had his dementia as the excuse for him not making any sense when he spoke. Harris has no such excuse.

A source that had previously been 100% reliable finally got one wrong for me. She said if things were looking badly enough for Democrats in October that Biden would step down to shake things up. Things looked pretty bad for Democrats all of last month, so this was her first bit of intel that didn’t pan out. Of course, there’s always the chance that perhaps she was right but Democrats have other plans to “win” the election on Tuesday.

Her other intel was that if Biden doesn’t step down before the midterms, he will do so afterwards. I’ve spoken to several political analysts, none of whom would go on the record but were willing to explain to me why they thought this was a possibility. After putting it all together, I believe it’s a likelihood. It’s far from certain, but I’d say it’s over 50/50 that after the midterms but before the Republicans take over the House and/or Senate, Joe will step down. Here are the top five reasons why I believe this is a safe bet.




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