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Biden’s ‘1 final warning’ … before the Democratic coup?

Exclusive: Mike Pottage says 'crazy talk' from party has become 'more and more delusional'

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f Americans take Democrats at their word, anything less than a total Democratic victory on Nov. 8 will threaten freedom and the future of the United States of America. Democrats are prepared to act immediately to prevent that from happening.

Specifics of the American rescue plan remain top secret, but …

Acting President Ron Klain, White House chief of staff, says Joe Biden’s speech Wednesday was “one final warning.” Must we vote Democrat, or face imprisonment? Is voting against a Democrat a capital offense? If national survival is at stake, as Ron Klain claims it is, and Joe Biden has said so repeatedly, what are those Democrats prepared to do if election results reject their candidates?

Mr. Klain, what’s your option? What’s your plan?

This is the second time Joe Biden has delivered a speech that insults and attacks half the nation as election deniers and evildoers. He has deliberately framed the issue to convince citizens they will be enslaved and their freedom taken from them if Republicans win elections. When the decibel level of political conversation simultaneously reaches these hysterical highs and intellectual lows, the nation really is in danger.

Why do this? Why warn one last time, and not too subtly suggest the Democrats intend to make sure voters vote the right way? Klain may be a gas bag, but he echoes the party leaders.

This should not surprise anyone. Al Gore was elected president, but denied the task by election deniers. Hillary Clinton was denied her rightful election by deplorables and election deniers. And if you travel down the Democratic list of candidate you will find Stacey Abrams, the elected governor-in-exile of Georgia, who was denied the throne by those same nasty election deniers. Will Ron Klain call out the National Guard to enforce his version of the vote? That was done recently to enforce the Democrats’ view of Jan. 6.

The crazy talk from the Democratic Party becomes more and more delusional as the midterm election looms.

Hillary Clinton, in her supporting role in this election, went so far as to suggest election deniers, identified as such by Democratic saviors, should not be allowed to vote. “Are you now, or have you ever been, a Republican?” That’s a scheme of schemes. Deny GOP voters and register illegal aliens! Now the chief of staff references Biden’s “one final warning.” If you cannot beat them at the ballot box, threaten them.





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