Trump cuts further into Biden’s lead in Arizona

The race is not over


Arizona’s Maricopa County dropped another batch of ballot tallies in the early morning hours on Thursday, and the results spelled more good news for President Donald Trump as he continues to eat into Joe Biden’s current lead in the state.

Maricopa, the largest county in the state, issued the counts for another 62,002 votes, with Trump winning 57.9% of the batch to Biden’s 40.5%, according to KNXV-TV. That means Trump narrowed Biden’s lead by more than 10,000 votes, CNN reported.

The new data put the total numbers for Arizona at 912,585 for Biden (51%), and 838,071 for Trump (47%).

Another batch out of Maricopa is expected on Thursday, and multiple media outlets — including CNN and the New York Times — determined the race was still too close to call for either candidate at least until those counts are in.

The county’s previously released batch of numbers from Wednesday evening showed positive gains for Trump against Biden, cutting the Democrat’s lead by more than 13,600 votes, from 92,817 to 79,173.

Earlier in the day, several Arizonans who voted for Trump became alarmed over allegations spreading on social media that the use of Sharpie pens — which many used to mark their votes — had caused ballots in Republican strongholds to be invalidated.


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