Trump puts potential rioters and looters on notice: You will be ‘prosecuted to the fullest degree’

By Vivek Saxena | November 3, 2020

During one of his final pre-Election Day rallies Monday evening, President Donald Trump warned “Biden’s far-left supporters” that federal justice awaits them if they choose to “loot and riot” either during or after Tuesday’s pivotal election.

He issued the remarks from Kenosha, Wisconsin, where in August violent riots by Black Lives Matter extremists erupted following the non-fatal police shooting of a black suspect who’d had an open warrant for felony sexual assault, among other charges.

Biden’s far left supporters are threatening to loot and riot tomorrow if they don’t get their way … Rioting, looting and arson will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I’m just telling you that right now,” the president said.

I’m telling you that right now that if people are — you know, I hate to see where they put boards up on a window; this shouldn’t be that — but we are a country of law and order. We have to. We are.


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