First Lady Melania slams ‘socialist’ Biden in full-on Dem attack as she hits campaign trail solo in Pennsylvania – and accuses media of trying to ‘distract’ from her work with ‘baseless claims from ex-staff’

Melania Trump delivered blistering attack on Joe Biden, Democrats and media
She called Biden a ‘socialist’ who would ‘destroy America’
She complained about Democrats impeaching her husband
Complained media is focused on ‘idle gossip and palace intrigue’
Melania held her first solo campaign event this year in Pennsylvania
Trip comes the day after President Trump holds three rallies in Pennsylvania
Kellyanne Conway to moderate the event
Pennsylvania is a critical battleground state in 2020 election

By EMILY GOODIN | PUBLISHED: 11:37 EDT, 27 October 2020 | UPDATED: 21:29 EDT, 27 October 2020

First Lady Melania Trump delivered a blistering campaign speech in support of her husband on Tuesday, attacking Democrats for impeaching him, Joe Biden for criticizing him, and the media for focusing on ‘idle gossip and palace intrigue.’

In her first solo campaign stop of the year, the first lady didn’t hold back in a fiery address that made the case for voters to give President Donald Trump a second term, slamming his rival as a ‘socialist’ who would ‘destroy America.’

She described her husband as a ‘fighter’ and tried to turn one of his biggest areas of criticism into a strength: his steady stream of tweets.

‘Donald is a fighter. He loves this country and he fights for you every single day. For the first time in history, the citizens of this country get to hear directly and instantly from their President every single day through social media,’ she said.

The first lady was in Pennsylvania, a critical battleground state that her husband needs in his corner come Election Day.

Melania Trump also addressed questions she has faced about how her Be Best initiative combats online bullying but her husband frequently goes on the attack via his Twitter account, which has 87.3 million followers.

‘I don’t always agree the way he says things, but it is important to him that he speaks directly to the people he serves,’ she said.

‘Thank you for all the love and support you gave us when our family was diagnosed with COVID-19. We are all feeling so much better now thanks to healthy living and some of the amazing therapeutic options available in our country – thank you again for your well wishes,’ she said.

‘Let us also not forget what the democrats chose to focus on when COVID-19 first came into our country. While the President was taking decisive actions to keep the American people safe, the democrats were wasting American tax-payer dollars in a sham impeachment,’ she said.

‘They cared more about removing our elected president. Meanwhile, I watched Donald continue to work hard to keep people informed and calm, to protect our economy, and make hard and unpopular decisions to do all he could to keep us all safe,’ she added.

‘When he decided to run for president as a Republican, the media created a different picture of my husband— one I didn’t recognize— and treated all his supporters with equal disdain. The media has chosen to focus on stories of idle gossip and palace intrigue by editorializing real events and policies with their own bias and agendas,’ she said.

‘What drives the news are the handpicked, angry, and often baseless claims from anonymous sources or angry ex-employees who are only trying to distract from the important work happening inside the White House,’ she said.

She said Tuesday she wished the media would focus on her Be Best initiative when it came to her. The first lady rarely gives interviews or answers questions from the press.

‘For instance, my initiative, BE BEST, has one main goal – helping children. Yet the media have chosen to take the attention away from children and focus on only the negative,’ she said.


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