Ben Shapiro Cancels Candace Owens, Artist Formerly Known As Kanye West


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he Daily Wire, a supposedly right-wing Conservative news organization, has been accused of giving into cancel culture by censoring Candace Owens and world-renowned rapper Ye, formerly known as Kanye West.

Ye (Kanye West) was interviewed by podcaster Lex Friedman and covered a variety of topics, like his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, The Holocaust, the 2024 election, and notably, the Daily Wire’s anti-free speech and pro-cancel culture ideals.

“They told Candace Owens I couldn’t be on the Daily Wire like you can’t even explain yourself and we don’t care how you got to that point either and that’s f****d up,” Ye told Friedman.

“They told Candace you can’t be on Daily Wire,” Friedman questioned, surprised by Ye’s comment.

“Yes, she did. That’s what she said. And you know what, and you can have my voice raised or lowered, Imma do it lower right because what’s happening to me by, I’ll put it in your words, ‘the media’ is saying ‘not only can you not explain yourself we don’t care how you got to that point. You need to apologize and you can’t explain and that’s the end of the story,’” Ye replied.

“Just apologize so we can have Mel Gibson do some more films is exactly what Ari Emmanuel is saying,” the rapper continued, referencing Mel Gibson, an actor who gave into pressure from outraged Jewish activism groups like the ADL to apologize for allegedly anti-semitic comments he made.

“The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world,” Gibson drunkenly told a police officer in 2006 during a DUI arrest.



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