As COVID Jabs Land on the Vax Schedule, Pfizer Raises Prices 10,000%


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he CDC approved adding COVID-19 shots to vaccination schedules. Then Pfizer speedily announced they intend to hike the price of the US COVID-19 vaccine up to $130 per dose.

They intend to start selling vaccines to the private insurance market.

The result is an even richer Pfizer. With the speed of science or something.

The US Government pays $30 a dose, up from $20 a dose in 2021. With the incoming price of $130, it’s up 10,000%.

And just like that, we stuck it to Big Pharma!

It only costs $1.18 to produce.

Pfizer will make about $102 billion this year thanks to the US taxpayer.

Wow, the American People won! Big Pharma lost! Yay! It’s Biden’s magic math.



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