Is Jill Biden Smoking Crack? It Sure Sounds Like It, After What She Just Said About Hunter


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t’s interesting to watch Jill Biden take center stage and assume a much stronger role, the more her husband collapses. Lately, Jill, who’s the #1 nursemaid, has been glued to Joe’s side. And it’s no surprise, after all, Joe’s having issues even finding his way off a 3-foot stage. And now, she’s jumping into big issues, involving Joe’s crackhead son Hunter, and she’s now contradicting her husband and the White House’s stance on the matter.

“I know that Hunter is innocent,” Jill Biden told NBC News during an interview that they released on Friday. She went on to say, “Everybody and their brother has investigated Hunter …They keep at it, and at it, and at it.”

This is highly inappropriate because Jill is now saying, “Hunter’s innocent,” meaning there’s no evidence that proves a crime was committed, even after the authorities said there was.

I’m sorry, is Jill now the head of the FBI, and nobody told us? Has she been involved in the investigation and has some authority to declare his innocence?

Of course not.

Jill has just inserted herself into this matter, and declared her stepson is “innocent,” and that creates a problem for everyone… because now the White House is involved.



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