Biden Makes Up New Language and Gets Lost on Stage all in Same Day 


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hile campaigning alongside Dem. senate candidate John Fetterman in Philadelphia on Thursday, Joe Biden gave perhaps his most incoherent response yet.

Someone, presumably a reporter, called out to Fetterman and asked, “Mr. Fetterman, why’d you decide to meet up here with Biden now?”

When Fetterman ignored him, Biden walked closer to hear what he was saying. The man recording the video asked, “Sir, why don’t more candidates want to be seen in public with you like Mr. Fetterman?”

“What are you talking about?” Biden asked.

“Tim Ryan in Ohio said he doesn’t want you there, Warnock said he wouldn’t say,” the man replied. “Do you think they’re making a mistake?”

Biden then responded with something that is undecipherable.



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