Morgan Shreds Media, Tech Companies Over Biden Scandal: ‘There Is A Conspiracy Happening Right In Front Of Our Eyes’

By Ryan Saavedra | Oct 21, 2020

British media personality Piers Morgan slammed mainstream journalists and tech companies during an appearance on Fox News’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Tuesday, saying that if the Hunter Biden laptop story were about the Trump family, they would be acting in a completely different manner.

“Journalism, freedom of speech dictates, the First Amendment dictates that when a story like this drops, and it’s not being denied by the people it’s accusing for six days now, clearly there’s something there that they want to hide,” Morgan began. “The job of a newspaper, of a television network, of anybody frankly in the media who believes in freedom of speech and believes in journalism, is to go and investigate the allegations the New York Post has made.”

“It’s not the job of tech giants like Facebook and Twitter to have an instinctive reaction to suppress every element of that story or for most of the mainstream media to say, nothing to see here, in fact, the only story is this terrible smear on the Bidens,” Morgan continued. “And I would say to you Tucker, imagine if we switched the names around. Imagine if the story was about Donald Trump Jr. and Donald Trump. What would be happening? Do you think the tech giants…


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