Politico Out of the Gates To Get the “We Saw It Coming First” Story of a Trump Win That Seemed Impossible

Posted at 10:30 am on October 20, 2020 by Shipwreckedcrew

Since the first Presidential debate back on September 29, the country has been carpet-bombed with media reports, punditry, and polls tellingus the race was over, Joe Biden had won, and the coming landslide victory was going to be a complete repudiation of “Trumpism” — whatever that is.

The victory was going to signal the return of the country to the path established by Barack Obama’s two terms as President, and lay the foundation for a takeover by the next generation of Democrat party leaders devoted to saving us from ourselves.

And then ….  well, let’s just consider the lead-in to an article from Politico yesterday:

By almost every measure that political operatives, academics and handicappers use to forecast elections, the likely outcome is that Joe Biden will win the White House.

Yet two weeks before Election Day, the unfolding reality of 2020 is that it’s harder than ever to be sure. And Democrats are scrambling to account for the hidden variables that could still sink their nominee — or what you might call the known unknowns.

How about this obvious variable — Joe Biden has always been a terrible candidate.  He’s cognitively impaired for Pete’s sake.  The Democrat field in the primary was horrendous.  And the VP nominee is someone who didn’t even last long enough in the primary season to receive a…


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