Radical Leftist New York AG Accuses Trump of Forming New Company to Hide Assets, Files Motions to Block


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the radical leftist New York Attorney Generals Office moved last Thursday to prevent former President Donald J. Trump from moving his assets to a different company.

This was in the context of an investigation led by Leticia James, New York’s Attorney General.

According to CNBC James asked judge Arthur Engoron at the New York Supreme Court’s 1st Judicial District to stop Trump from moving his holdings into his Delaware-based company “Trump Organization II LLC.”

This LLC was allegedly founded on September 21, the same day that James sued Trump and his family. According to James, if Trump loses the lawsuit brought by the New York Attorney General’s Office, it would be difficult to impose a fine on the Trump Organization if the company’s holdings are not in the defendants case.

The corruption of the left knows no bounds. They are doing all they can to stop Trump from doing his normal day to day business operations.


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