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How to Keep Your Immune System Strong


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he trouble is that all sorts of things can damage your immune system. Top problems are a poor diet, too much stress, loneliness, frustration, not enough exercise, too little sunshine, not enough fresh air going into your lungs – and so on. Some types of drugs can also interfere with immune systems.

Moreover, we all build up our immune systems through contact with one another. Staying apart from other people, for whatever reason, reduces the effectiveness of our immune systems and increases our susceptibility to infections of all kinds. If we lock ourselves in our homes, for example, then we could damage the effectiveness of our immune systems.

So, what can you do to help keep your immune system strong – and to counter all that bad stuff that can happen?

Finding out exactly what you should eat isn’t as easy as it should be. The truth is shrouded in mystery and confusion – much of it created, quite deliberately, on behalf of vested interests, by lobbyists, advertising agencies and public relations groups.

Politicians and modern mainstream pseudo-journalists are always unreliable and invariably deliberately dishonest. Sadly, these days most health writers merely share press releases they’ve been sent. Too many are just plain crooked and are paid to promote certain foods. I don’t accept sponsorship, advertising or free samples. My only income comes from my books.

The big thing to remember is that what you choose to eat can have a big effect on the strength and effectiveness of your immune system.

Most people know what foods they shouldn’t eat. They understand that if they live on a diet of hamburgers and chips, followed by chocolate pudding covered with lashings of double cream, and all washed down with a cola drink, then their health will suffer.

So, here’s some positive advice to help you keep your immune system healthy and strong.

If you eat eggs do not ever buy (or eat) eggs with cracked shells. It is much easier for an infection to enter an egg with a cracked shell. Eggs laid by genuinely free-range chickens (if you can find them) are likely to be healthier than eggs laid by hens kept in battery cages.



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