Busted: China’s Attempt to Warp the 2022 Midterm Election


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he recent arrest of Eugene Yu, the founder and CEO of election software company, Konnech, Inc. for betraying Los Angeles, the largest metropolitan area in America, charged with transferring election poll worker information to China is just the tip of the iceberg of CCP subversion efforts to destroy the United States.  This arrest of Yu on the grounds of a security breach with China and on charges of embezzling funds—is a wakeup call for all polling place administrators in the U.S. regarding the upcoming mid-term elections. They need to unplug and shutdown Konnech, Dominion, ES&S and other electronic voting systems. All have been plagued with erratic vote count problems and are vulnerable to being hacked and manipulated.

Konnech’s “Poll Chief” software, designed to manage election-worker payroll, assignments, communications, and “innovative ways to support their voters” has been used in Wayne County, Michigan, DeKalb County, Ga., and Fairfax County, Va.—all large voting districts that have had significant voting irregularities. On November 3, 2020, Trump was leading in Virginia, until late-night ballot drops in Fairfax County delivered a whopping 73% of Biden votes—an unprecedented voting pattern.

The Konnech scandal has been initially suppressed by an assumption that it was a limited breach of personal data of election workers in one location in the U.S. But in Australia and Canada, where Konnech operates through subsidiaries, the company has been involved in electoral roll data, voter I.D. confirmation, the scrutiny of provisional and postal votes and access to defined elector records. This appears related to why both of those countries experienced election irregularities and veered to the left politically. Governing authorities that gained power in Australia and Canada during the period that Konnech was involved in managing elections ended up embracing communist-type policies, such as forcing citizens into quarantine camps and cutting off people’s access to their bank accounts.

We are reminded of the adage of the communist tyrant Stalin who said, “It doesn’t matter how many people vote, only who counts the vote.”

Americans now increasingly understand that the Covid-19 virus was more hoax than pandemic—conceived in China as a manmade virus and then released to the world, but with the primary target being the United States. No surprise that it was pulled off in the 2020 election year so as to end the presidency of Donald Trump, the first president to resolutely stand up against the China threat. Media-hyped fear precipitated dramatic responses, with left-leaning politicians and governors in the United States also adopting Chinese-style lockdowns of cities, and unprecedented violations of the people’s Constitutional rights that included mask mandates, isolation, closures of schools, churches, synagogues, and small businesses. All of this served to divide Americans, to set back the education of children and create problems with parents, to halt economic activity and advance a preference for socialism by paying people not to work—financed with money printing that proved inflationary and was compounded by inevitable supply chain shortages resulting from work stoppages.



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