BREAKING: Bannon asks court for house arrest over prison time


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n a 19-page memo responding to a government filing, former White House strategist Steve Bannon’s lawyers‘ request that their client should only receive probation after being found guilty of two counts of contempt of congress, arguing that the judge overseeing the sentencing should look for “something more” than simple contrition.

“Should a person who has spent a lifetime listening to experts – as a naval officer, investment banker, corporate executive, and Presidential advisor – be jailed for relying on the advice of his lawyers?” they ask. 

“Should a person be jailed where the prosecutor declined to prosecute others who were similarly situated – with the only difference being that this person uses their voice to express strongly held political views?” his lawyer, Evan Corcoran, and David Schoen wrote.

Daily Mail reports that “they say a sentence of probation is warranted for the former chief White House strategist, and also ask the sentencing judge to issue a stay of any sentence to allow for an appeal.”

Bannon will face sentencing on Friday. He was found guilty of contempt of congress after he did not appear in front of the January 6 committee.

Bannon’s legal team argues that he was taking advice from his lawyer, Roberto Costello when he received the Subpoena in 2021. 


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