Iran verbally takes thousands of Jews living inside its borders hostage

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October 18, 2021



‘If Israel makes a mistake, the regime will treat them differently’

Iranian Vice President Mohsen Rezaee has created a massive hostage situation, warning on an opposition Telegram channel the Islamic regime there will “take action” against 10,000 Jews living in Iran if Israel “makes a mistake.”

The report comes from the Middle East Media Research Institute, which explained the comment came “against the backdrop of Iran-Israel tensions and accusations by the Iranian regime that Israel has a military presence aimed at Iran in Iranian Azerbaijan.”

It is the “Iranian Regime Countdown” group, which opposes the regime, the report said, that wrote in an October 11, 2021, post on its Telegram channel that Iranian Vice President for Economic Affairs Mohsen Rezaee had warned that if Israel “makes a mistake” vis-à-vis Iran, the Iranian regime would take action against “the 10,000 Jews living in Iran.”

MEMRI explained Rezaee also is secretary of the Expediency Council, of the Supreme Council for Economic Coordination, and of the Iranian government’s Economic Committee. He commanded Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps from 1980 to 1997.

The opposition group’s posting said, “In an unprecedented speech, Mohsen Rezaee, [President] Ebrahim Raisi’s deputy for economic affairs, took Iran’s Jews hostage, warning that they would be punished by the [Iranian] regime if Israel makes a mistake!”

It continued, “Rezaee told members and directors of [the ideological organization] Tharollah Tehran: ‘The Israeli government knows very well that if it makes a mistake, the regime will treat the 10,000 Jews living in Iran differently.'”

The MEMRI report pointed out the posting explained, “Elements in the Islamic Republic [of Iran] have in the past threatened Israeli citizens and cities such as Tel Aviv and Haifa, in order to confront the Israeli threat, but this is the first time that a senior [Iranian] regime offi…

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