Wife of Disgraced Military Officer Says Parents Who Demand Schools Teach What they Tell Them To is Undemocratic

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October 17, 2021



Rachel Vindman, the wife of disgraced Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, appeared on CNN, the go-to station for people who refuse to tell the truth, with host and alleged sexual predator, Don Lemon.

She told lemon that parents who demand input on what their children are taught are a danger to democracy. It’s nice to see she has the same scruples as her lying husband. She failed to say why it endangers democracy.

Vindman said:

“Literally a woman at the school board meeting said she wasn’t able to sign up to talk about Critical Race Theory, so she signed up to talk about salaries. And her first opening salvo is, ‘I’m here to talk about salaries. You shouldn’t be getting yours, because you’re not doing your job. So, this is what they want to say, like, ‘We’re only going to pay you if you do what we tell you [you] should do,’ and that’s just not how things work in a democracy.”

She is dead wrong. In a democracy, the boss who pays the salaries makes the decisions. You have to excuse her ignorance because if she was smart, her last name wouldn’t be Vindman. She offered no reason why parents demanding they make the decision for their children violates democratic values. She made up the part about democracy the same way her husband made up the part about a quid pro quo deal.

Here is what the mother at the school board meeting said:

“I also signed up to speak about payroll, because your salaries are probably included in that — so the salaries that we in this room are paying — and most of us feel that sometimes you aren’t earning, because you aren’t doing an effective job.”

“We’re asking for more transparency….”  Your job is to provide an excellent education for our kids, which a lot of us feel like is not happening. You’re too focused on setting the stage for highly controversial curriculum that’s rooted in Marxism called Critical Theory, which spe…

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