Poll: Vast Majority of Voters Oppose Sexually Explicit Books in Public School Libraries


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 strong majority of voters oppose sexually explicit books in public school libraries, data that is incredibly striking as we head into a midterm election in which the institutionalized sexualization of children is a top issue.

Also, out of voters contacted by phone and email in a survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports and the Capitol Resource Institute, 89% said parents should be informed about what their children are being taught in the classroom.

Meanwhile, 85% of parents said they were opposed to sexually explicit books in elementary school libraries, 79% opposed such material for middle school libraries, and 69% remained opposed to explicit books for high school libraries, as well, The Blaze reported.

Last year after now-Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin won a hard-fought campaign in which parental rights in education was at the center, a poll from the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty found that 63% of voters believed that parents should have the “final say” on the curriculum that is taught to their children and that their right to opt their kids out of lessons that are at odds with their personal values ought to be protected, as we reported at the time.



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