Investigation Now Underway After Bombshell Report Drops on Raphael Warnock

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arlier this week, I wrote about the bombshell report that dropped about the church for which Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) works — the Ebenezer Baptist Church.

The Church pays Warnock a $7,417 monthly housing allowance, in addition to a salary. Yet the Church owns a building where they have been trying to evict tenants, even during the pandemic, as Warnock spoke out against eviction during the pandemic. The Church owns the Ebenezer Building Foundation which has identified Warnock as its principal officer on its Form 990s and says that it delegates the management duties of the Foundation to the Church.

Many of the people were being evicted for small amounts of money. The total sum owed for the dozen lawsuits filed during the pandemic was $4,900, which could have been covered by just one month of Warnock’s housing allowance. Warnock’s opponent, Herschel Walker offered to pay the rent for anyone still being evicted.

But in addition to the screaming hypocrisy in all this, there were other legal questions about what was going on here.


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