‘I found Hunter’s emails – and I feared I would be MURDERED’: Trump voter reveals he is the Mac repairer with Biden’s secrets – but CAN’T say if he went to FBI or they came to him and won’t say how he gave a copy to Rudy Giuliani

By NIKKI SCHWAB, MARTIN GOULD, GEOFF EARLE and SOPHIE TANNO | PUBLISHED: 19:00 EDT, 14 October 2020 | UPDATED: 22:33 EDT, 14 October 2020

Independent Mac shop owner John Paul MacIsaac, 44, of Wilmington, Delaware, says he is person who turned over Hunter Biden’s emails to the FBI and Giuliani
He says he did not initially realize who his customer was but as he entered his name grasped that he was ‘famous’
Biden left three damaged laptops with MacIsaac in April 2019 but never came back for them
MacIsaac says ‘personal information’ was on ‘messy’ computer
Claims he became more fearful as summer 2019 drew on and Hunter’s name appeared in the news
He offered two different accounts of whether he contacted the FBI or agents came to him – but handed over the laptop in December 2019
He kept a copy because he feared he would be killed by people who ‘work for [Joe] Biden’ and having it was ‘protection’
MacIsaac refused to comment on how he came to be in touch with Rudy Giuliani or when after Trump’s personal lawyer reveals the contents of laptop

The computer shop owner who provided Hunter Biden’s laptop to the FBI and Rudy Giulilani is a 44-year-old Trump voter, it emerged Wednesday, hours after pictures and emails from it sent shockwaves through Washington.

John Paul MacIsaac confirmed that he had handed the laptop to the FBI late last year, claiming to the Daily Beast that he was ‘just a guy who had something he wanted [taken] out of this shop,’ after realizing he had the Democratic candidate’s sons pictures and emails.

The younger Biden left three damaged Apple laptops at MacIsaac’s shop in Wilmington, DE, in April 2019 but never returned or paid the $85 bill for recovering the data from them.

On Wednesday their contents began to be revealed by the New York Post after being given to the newspaper by Rudy Giuliani, the president’s personal lawyer.

The emails appeared to show that Hunter Biden introduced his father to his business partner in Ukraine – but that was denied rapidly by the Biden campaign, who said that no such meeting was found in his schedules from 2015, when the email suggested it happened.

But MacIsaac created new confusion and questions over how the laptop’s content ended up with the FBI and with Giuliani.

On a tape recording of his lengthy interview with the Daily Beast’s reporter, he equivocated over how he and the FBI came to be in touch in fall 2019.

He said first that he had got in touch with the FBI but also said: ‘They approached me.’

Asked repeatedly for clarity, he said ‘no comment,’ and said that he had asked a trusted friend who was ‘better at this press and spy stuff’ for advice.

‘I was afraid, I reached out to some people that I trusted, that could possibly get me in touch with the FBI,’ he said. ‘Then they showed up.’

The people were not political, he said, but declined to comment on how he came to know them.

Before the FBI came he made a copy to ‘protect myself,’ he said, but said he was not aware that there were any other copies.

And he repeatedly declined to comment on how he came to be in touch with Giuliani, whose own personal lawyer Robert Costello says he obtained the laptop’s contents from MacIsaac.

‘I don’t feel comfortable clearing anything up right now,’ he said.

But MacIsaac, a former lead ‘genius’ at a nearby Apple Store who is single, did tell how he came to have the laptop.

He said that he has an unnamed ‘medical condition’ which meant he did not recognize Hunter when he came into his store in April 2019, but that when he asked for his customer’s name he thought ‘that sounds familiar.’

‘I got him checked into the system. First name, Hunter. Last name, there was a long pause – Biden. Oh,’ he said. ‘I have had a handful of famous people come in here that I don’t recognize. Sabrina – the older sister on Cosby – Le Beauf, she comes in here sometimes.’

The MacBook Pro also had a Beau Biden sticker on it, he said. His acco….


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