Dems want to imprison DeSantis for 10 years for ‘threatening’ Fauci


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emocrats are demanding jail for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for his rhetorical suggestion that someone grab the “little elf,” Anthony Fauci, and chuck him “across the Potomac.”

Fauci is the medical adviser who flip-flopped constantly on COVID-19 measures, like masks and such. He did support the experimental shots and ways to force people to accept thosel products.

Further, he made out really good during the pandemic, with his net worth exploding by some $5 million that time.

It happened while he repeatedly downplayed the impact on children of the COVID-19 lockdowns, which he later admitted he knew would have “deleterious consequences” on children.

But he’s now in the news, at RightJournalism, for the “threat” that came from DeSantis.

The Florida governor said that someone “needs to grab with little elf and chuck him across the Potomac.”


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