Notre Dame Professor Caught Offering to Help Students Kill Their Babies in Abortions


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 professor at one of the most well-known Catholic schools in the U.S., the University of Notre Dame, recently was caught offering to help students abort their unborn babies after Indiana banned abortions.

The Irish Rover, a student newspaper, broke the news this week, reporting that Professor Tamara Kay of the Keough School of Global Affairs advertised abortions to students on her office door and on social media in defiance of Catholic teachings about the sanctity of human life.

“For me, abortion is a policy issue. And yes, my view runs afoul of Church teaching, but in other areas, my positions are perfectly aligned [with the Church],” Kay told the newspaper.

On Sept. 15, Indiana began enforcing its new pro-life law, which bans the killing of unborn babies in elective abortions with a few exceptions. Pro-life leaders estimate the law will save about 161 babies from abortion every day. However, a judge temporarily blocked the law about a week later after several Indiana abortion facilities sued.

According to the report, Kay posted a lot of pro-abortion information directed at students on social media around Sept. 15, including groups that explain how to get abortion pills through the mail or pay travel costs for abortions.

On her office door on campus, she also posted a sign that read, “This is a SAFE SPACE to get help and information on ALL Healthcare issues and access—confidentially with care and compassion,” the Rover discovered.


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