Bombshell Court Testimony: FBI Offered $1 Million to Prove Trump ‘Dossier’ Claims


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n official with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has given a bombshell testimony in court, stating under oath that the agency, under then-Director James Comey, offered a foreign national $1 million to find evidence to support salacious claims against President Donald Trump.

Senior FBI analyst Brian Auten testified in court that Comey’s FBI offered retired British spy Christopher Steele “up to $1 million” to prove the allegations in his anti-Trump “dossier.”

Auten was testifying at the criminal trial of Igor Danchenko.

Russian national Danchenko was a primary source for Steele’s dossier and is being prosecuted by special counsel John Durham.

Danchenko has pleaded not guilty to five counts of lying to the FBI about his sourcing for information that ended up in the dossier.

His trial kicked off Tuesday at the federal courthouse in Alexandria, Virginia.

Durham is looking for misconduct in the FBI’s Trump-Russia investigation and handled most of the in-court arguments on Tuesday.

He personally questioned Auten on the witness stand – a rare move for a special counsel and former US attorney.

According to Auten, the FBI took the drastic measures to prove the so-called “Steele Dossier” in the run-up to the 2016 election.

However, Steele did not collect the reward because he could not verify the contents of the salacious dossier.


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