Biden administration urged Saudi Arabia to wait until after the midterms to cut oil production


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he Biden administration weighed in with Saudi Arabia and other OPEC+ members urging them to hold off for another month before announcing oil production cuts – a move that would have delayed the stunning announcement until after the mid-term elections.

The administration framed its objections to the production cuts as boosting Russian President Vladimir Putin‘s brutal war in Ukraine.

But according to the Wall Street Journal, the Saudis rejected the admonitions, viewing the administration’s objections as a ‘political gambit by the Biden administration to avoid bad news.’

The administration also raised the issue with other Gulf producers, according to the report. 

The cartel, which controls about 30 per cent of the world’s oil supply, went ahead with the production cuts – which have the effect of maintaining high prices that help Putin continue to fund his war, while also delivering a spate of bad news headlines for Biden.

Gas prices and inflation are a top election issue, and Biden has called taming inflation his top priority. 

The look was compounded by Biden’s decision this summer to visit Saudi Arabia, and even give a fist-bump to Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.

The White House pushed back on the claim of arguments geared to November, which the paper attributed to people familiar with the talks.


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